Value-Added Services

PrivateGPO™ knows that one of the most important functions for any Property from hotel to fin dining to golf club is financial management - from financial risk management to the internal financial controls of your the business.

These elements are important in not just running your business as well as reporting to stakeholders and limited partners but also to packaging it properly for an eventual acquisition if that is a path you decide to pursue in the future.

In addition to the savings provided to your Property through our relationships with national, regional and local suppliers and vendors, we have developed a portfolio of other Member Services to assist you (or your CFO, CIO or Controller) in satisfying fiscal responsibilities to your Property.

PrivateGPO™ can be your SINGLE POINT-OF-CONTACT for the following PrivateGPO Member Services™:

For establishments with considerable Food Service volume, we can provide:
  • Custom SAVINGS REPORTS (Year-over-Year, Year-to-Date or even Monthly)
  • Comprehensive BUSINESS ANALYSIS including Sector-specific trends and relevant Regional and Local data

Other PrivateGPO™ Member Services Programs

To compliment our Food Services-related offerings, we have access to other services that may help you further optimize your operations with best-of-class products & reliability. Again, PrivateGPO™ can be your SINGLE POINT-OF-CONTACT for ALL of the services listed below and we are happy to provide a FREE, No-Obligation courtesy consultation for your property.

PrivateGPO’s™ portfolio of Member Services currently includes:

1. Brand Equity development and other Intellectual Property-protection services

  • Brand and other IP-backed securitized financing services
  • Franchise Development Underwriting (including all documentation preparation and filings)

2. BIT-related services (described more fully below)

  • Software Licensing consolidation and management, providing your property additional savings in most cases
  • iPad & Mobile App Development
  • Branding & Corporate Identity Development and other Graphic Design services
  • Comprehensive Printing Services
  • Merchandise Solutions

PrivateGPO™ IT-related Services
Every business is concerned with controlling routine but necessary overhead costs. Beyond our food and operational related services, PrivateGPO™ can also help you identify potential cost-savings measures when it comes to your property’s IT needs.

Many properties have been intending to ‘upgrade’ their property’s systems to more cost-efficient ‘cloud-based’ Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions yet still operate installed ‘legacy’ systems that usually require considerable annual as well as monthly costs from service and repair to software license fees and hardware.

Let PrivateGPO™ assist you in migrating and managing these and other complex IT issues to help you improve your property’s overall operating efficiency and profitability.

Some of our available IT-related Services include:

  • Software License Review and Consolidation to help you SAVE on your costs related to such
  • Moving ‘installed’ and ‘server-based’ services to the ‘Cloud’ to cut costs and improve productivity
  • Site Security and Camera Installation to better protect your Property
  • Property-wide Wi-Fi Connectivity as a courtesy to your clients
  • Indoor Cell-Signal Booster as a courtesy to your clients
  • Electronic Records Retention to protect your Property and ensure compliance
  • Payroll Services, Payroll Cards & P-Cards to streamline purchasing
  • Credit Card Processing to potentially save your Property from unnecessarily high swipe fees

PrivateGPO™ Insurance-related Services
In a complex and mandatory environment of risk management where up to 30% of payroll can be allocated to insuring physical and human assets, PrivateGPO™ also can offer help.

We have developed a suite of products and specialty programs that, just like our other programs, allow our Clients to pool resources, reduce cost and gain the advantages of scale.

Available Insurance-related services include:

  • Group medical, dental, vision, life and disability
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Key Man and Insurance for Executives
  • Commercial Insurance (Property & Casualty)
  • Auto/Fleet Leasing and Insurance Services
  • I-WIC (Women, Infants & Children)
  • EPLI (Employment Practices Liability)
  • Boiler Machinery/ Equipment
  • Product Recall
  • Liquor Liability
  • Other Specialty Programs (on request)

PrivateGPO™ Human Resources-related Services
To get ahead, your business needs every advantage it can find. PrivateGPO™ can provide professional, affordable, strategic HR solutions that your property needs to keep your HR advantage.

Every successful business has satisfied employees that have been developed and motivated and PrivateGPO™ has the experience and resources to help your property achieve such initiatives.

Available Human Resources-related services include:

  • Recruitment & Selection Strategy
  • Interviewing & Screening
  • Management, Employee & Supervisor Training
  • HR Policies & Procedures
  • Leadership & Team Building
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Discipline & Discharge
  • Customized Employee Communications
  • Labor Negotiations & Arbitration
  • Government Compliance
  • Employee Testing & Assessment
  • Labor Management
  • Employee Scheduling