The linchpin for the SAVINGS PrivateGPO™ is able to provide is a result of running 95%+ of our clients’ weekly and monthly order volume through a cloud-based web portal (just think of it like an Amazon®-type marketplace and comparison engine for many of the goods and services your Property needs).

We also offer an online Direct Order site which also frees-up your time and makes ordering efficient for you and/or your team.

Just login to order (you will receive your Login information after PrivateGPO™ has approved your Property as a client).

If you need to segment purchasing authority between departments or divisions, this is very simple to configure and part of our standard services upon approval of your Property as a Client.

If you need to schedule deliveries to different addresses that is easy and a standard component of our ‘on boarding’ process once your Property has been approved as a Client.

Our succinct ‘on boarding’ process ensures a seamless transition for your Property and usually takes about a month or two. Once completed, your Property’s SAVINGS BEGINS.

Your PrivateGPO™ Dedicated Representative be responsible for your Property’s ‘on boarding’ processes, providing you a single point-of-contact and cohesive communication at all times.

Proprietary Platform- in process

We are in the process of procuring strategic partners for a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform to help all of our Clients further drive on-site revenues and make it even easier to communicate with their clientele.

Stay-tuned for more details. We welcome any email suggestions from our Clients as to how we can make the platform better so feel free to reach out to us, anytime.