PrivateGPO™ Highlights

PrivateGPO™ along with our partners provide a Nationwide Team and Support
Some Stats & Benefits:

  • 100 plus Golf Clubs and Country Clubs are already benefiting from the program.
  • Dozens of Fine Dining clients including one of New York City’s premier restaurant groups.
  • 500 plus Hotel properties have also implemented the program the program.
  • More than 700 Manufacturer and Supplier Agreements including hundreds of trusted Regional suppliers.
  • Nearly 30,000 items on which your Property (or properties) will SAVE.
  • Standard ‘Most Favored-Client Pricing’ assures you of the best possible SAVINGS regardless of the size of your establishment so. This means that even if you only own or operate one Property your pricing and savings will be exactly the same as those with larger Properties once your property is accepted as a Member Client of PrivateGPO™
  • In addition, your ‘order processes’ will very likely not change and our easy-to-use online Direct Ordering interface will make ordering and reordering easy for your team.
  • Your Property is provided complete Transparency and Audit Rights.
  • Inflation protection is built into most ‘Committed Manufactures Agreements.’
  • Commodity-type products (items including produce, poultry, dairy, seafood, eggs, meat, fruits, shortening and oil) are priced every week, assuring you the best possible prices available in near real-time.
  • Non-commodity products (items from linens to paper products to office supplies to cleaning supplies) are priced monthly - again, assuring you the best possible prices.