Getting Started

PrivateGPO™ Savings Guarantee

If you provide us your ‘Top 100 items’ based on your ‘spend’ (Item Name, Supplier, Product Number/SKU and Quantity ordered) and we cannot find any savings for you, we will make a $250 donation to your state’s Special Olympics® program- it is that simple.

If it is easier for you to initially provide us only your ‘Top 25’ items, that is OK as well.

Again, whether you provide us 100 or 25 items, our review takes 2-3 weeks and is COMPLETELY FREE with ABSOLUTELY NO OBLIGATION to move forward with us.

We do NOT contact your current suppliers, we just pull information from our Comprehensive Item Database. If nothing else, utilize our analysis to ‘spot check’ the current pricing you are receiving from your suppliers.

Once you see the savings and decide to move forward with us, it usually takes less than a month for the savings to begin.

Our contract is simple and is able to be canceled anytime with 60 days' notice. We are happy to send it along for your review upon execution of our Confidentiality Agreement. We are in business to be your advocate and to help your property run more efficiently and profitably - if you have any questions or comments at any time, just fill out our Contact form or call us.

Complimentary PrivateGPO™ Client Services

  • Dedicated Representative for your property.
  • One single point-of-contact for all services by PrivateGPO™, even for multi-property owners.
  • Product Spec Consulting to make sure each Client is happy with all goods it orders.
  • Monthly spot audits to ensure pricing accuracy.
  • Supplier benchmarks from across the country to ensure all suppliers stay on or better than market in fast-moving commodity-driven and inflation-influenced product categories.
  • Ability to track and create reports for purchases made through PrivateGPO™.
  • Advice on marketing and other programs to help your Property grow its top-line and bottom-line.
  • Clients can utilize PrivateGPO™ reporting for rebates and marketing dollars as proof of purchase.
  • Other consulting-based services are available with the cost defined by the scope of the project.

Staying In Touch with Our Clients

  • PrivateGPO™’s Executive Team will provide enhanced support for the Dedicated Representative responsible for your property
  • Dedicated Representative will ensure supplier pricing accuracy and that proper quantities and items are brought into inventory properly & placed in ‘Order Guides’, making for a seamless transition. Our executives are always available to you if you have any questions regarding your services and suppliers.
  • PrivateGPO™, as your Property’s single point-of-contact, will oversee the implementation of all services from our core National service provider, Regional suppliers and the Insurance and Human Resources services provided by Value-4®.