Free Analysis

To make getting started with our FREE Analysis easy, we have provided a simple Form.

Just upload the data we request - at the very least your Top 25 items with Suppliers and SKUs - for us to perform your FREE Analysis.

This way we are able to show you in advance of signing-up with PrivateGPO™ a sample of your projected SAVINGS.

We will be able to provide you the ‘price comparison’ results from our PrivateGPO™ analysis usually within 2 to 3 weeks from when you provide us all of the requested information.

For best results, we recommend that our Clients have an annual spend of at least $500,000, excluding alcohol.

To begin your FREE PrivateGPO™ analysis for your property all we need is the following:

    How would you like us to contact you?

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    Please submit the Top 25 Items (or up to 100 Items, if you prefer) your Property purchases each month so we can show you approximately what your Property would SAVE upon acceptance as a PrivateGPO™ client.

    Please make sure to include for each Item you submit a) Supplier Name, b) SKU (also known as Product Number or Item Number), c) Quantity Purchased and d) most recent Price.


    Upload File: Include Excel spreadsheet or copies of invoices. Zip multiple files into one file for upload. See below for more info.

    .zip, txt, .doc, .docx, .csv, .xls, .xlsx, .pdf files only.