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Introducing PrivateGPO™

Who we help:

If you own or operate a luxury resort, boutique hotel, golf venue and/or fine dining establishment, PrivateGPO™ can likely help your Property access more local farmers to enhance quality of offerings as well as improve supplier accountability freeing up more of your time.

How is PrivateGPO™ able to offer such savings ?

PrivateGPO™ is a Group Purchasing Organization that along with its exclusive partners aggregates more than $1 billion in annual hospitality-related spending enabling us to pass along considerable savings to our Member Clients on nearly 30,000 items as well as provide access to local purveyors, certified-organic farmers and more.

Beyond specializing in locally-sourced meats, poultry, seafood, plant-based protein offerings, fruits, roots and vegetables, PrivateGPO™ and its partners have established relationships with more than 200 national and regional manufacturers, vendors and suppliers in order to provide the best possible range of offerings and pricing for our Member Clients - savings which can exceed 10% in many cases.

Having embarked on the initiative in 2006, PrivateGPO™ and our partners now count more than 500 luxury and boutique hotels, 100 plus golf clubs and country clubs and dozens of fine dining establishments including one of the premier restaurant groups as clients.

Through our 3 unique divisions - LuxuryHotelGPO, PrivateClubGPO & FineDiningGPO - we have tailored specific offerings to suit the needs of each market segment while enabling each to benefit for the collective annual spending-power of all Member Clients.

As we respect the privacy of our clients as courtesy is one of our guiding principles, please execute our Confidentiality Agreement and we will be happy to provide you some specific references.

If you are not familiar with Group Purchasing Organizations, known as ‘GPOs’, the concept is very simple:

→ Suppliers provide significant pricing discounts to our member clients (this would mean your Property) in return for volume commitments from those clients, typically 80% of your annual spend. Suppliers are willing to structure these deals with Group Purchasing Organizations because it provides them long-term visibility and access to all of the GPO’s client base.

→ If you are familiar with ‘GPOs’ and are utilizing one or even a ‘buying group’ of some type, let PrivateGPO™ guide you with our PRICING GUARANTEE. A core service provider of ours is one of the Nation’s largest GPO’s and we also have relationships with hundreds of Regional suppliers to further support our clients.

How we help:

PrivateGPO's™ core purchasing program provides you the peace of mind of knowing that your Property (or Properties) is getting the absolute best pricing from a network of suppliers which includes nearly 30,000 items from trusted national. regional and local providers including certified-organic farms .

Our technology and proprietary processes ensure all suppliers are providing you consistent pricing based on market along with other conditions without you needing to spend the time to do so.

As part of our Best Practices policy which is adhered to by all of our suppliers, our core service provider routinely audits all national and regional suppliers in addition to negotiating then enforcing all contractual rights on behalf of all of our clients. Additionally, a small team specifically procures and interfaces with the local purveyors of meats, poultry and seafood along with local farmers of fruits, roots and vegetables in each market.

PrivateGPO™ also provides all of our clients complete transparency and audit rights with respect to all of your orders spanning national to regional to local.

Upon acceptance as a client, PrivateGPO™ will provide your Property a dedicated representative to assist your Property with all the services and savings programs we offer.

In addition to expediting your Property in attaining efficiency on its regular purchases, PrivateGPO™’s single point-of-contact structure is also very helpful when it comes to assuring a seamless transition for product ordering and maximizing other benefits and resources available to you.

Our PrivateGPO™ Savings Reports™ make it easy for you monitor progress each week, month, quarter and year that you are our client.

PrivateGPO™ also ensures that suppliers do not change the pricing they committed to, freeing up more of your time to not have to double check for consistency.

Participation in PrivateGPO™ is by invitation-only and available only to those properties that complete our simple Free Analysis - Form after signing our Confidentiality Agreement. Just click on the Free Analysis tab above to start the savings process with PrivateGPO™.

Tip: so we can accurately show you what pricing your Property would receive from PrivateGPO™, please include in your Free Analysis the Top 25 to 100 Items that your Property purchases each month. For each Item, just provide us Supplier Name, SKU (Product Number or Item Number), Quantity Purchased and most recent Price. That’s it - you will usually receive a response from us with your expected purchasing efficiency in 2-3 weeks.